We would be honored to receive you with the finest hospitality, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure.


Located next to JR Komatsu Station, Hotel Gran Binario KOMATSU is also close to Komatsu Airport. At the gateway to Hokuriku, this is an ideal lodging location for business travelers and tourists coming from Japan or abroad. We are a higher grade of hotel for business and personal use, with rooms noted for their spaciousness and cutting-edge facilities, welcoming everyone from long-term guests from overseas to VIPs from this country and abroad with top-class hospitality.


The concierge staff will be at your service from check-in to check-out.

Our hotel uses a smart check-in technology to allow you to look for reservations and pay fast and easily. Our concierge staff will help you if it is the first time you use our hotel or if you are not comfortable with technology.

A warm tea and a warm welcome.

Our welcome starts with a warm cup of tea. Its gentle warmth spreads from the cups made by prestigious local Kutaniyaki ceramic artists. Relax from the tiredness of your travels with a nice cup of tea.

*Komatsu’s tea ceremony:
When Kaga’s second feudal lord Maeda Toshitsune retired in Komatsu, he encouraged the production of tea as a mean for economic revival. As Senso Soshitsu from the Urasenke tea ceremony school was brought into the town, this cultural tradition has flourished for generation after generation.

ArtArt design greeting the guests

Lobby art

  • Mr. Shinbo

    Komatsu has a lot of beautiful field panoramas. The lobby lounge is adorned with a picture of the Hakusan mountain range drawn by Shinbo.

  • Mr. Kim

    A sculpture by artist Kim Jungil, inspired by the pinecone, symbol of the hotel, is displayed in the lobby.

Jinpei Shinbo

Ceramic sculptor
Kim Jungil

Art in the guestrooms

Mr. Asakura

In the guestrooms we use artworks of the typical “kutaniyaki” style. The panel art created by ceramic artist Hiroaki Asakura has different styles and colors in every room.

Kutaniyaki ceramic artist
Hiroaki Asakura