Relax and enjoy yourself with all our comforts.


An incredible bed that took more than 90 years to craft

All our rooms have Slumberland beds.
Slumberland, founded in England in 1919, has been the proud purveyor for the royal bedrooms since 1940, under George 6th. It is a bed brand with great tradition. With these beds, you can experience the ideal “hardness”, “softness”, and “balance” that support the natural sleeping posture.


“Comfort Green” down quilts for a comfortable, easy rest.

Our futons are order made, tailored to the construction of hour hotel and the local weather to achieve the perfect sleeping experience. The amount of feathers, their quality, the cloth, the stitching, the side; everything has been carefully considered in this unique futon that you can only find in our hotel.

  • Jointly created with an expert organization

    It has been jointly created with the only down quilt and sleep comfort research organization in Japan, “CIL comfortable sleeping environment laboratories”.

  • Controlling the temperature and moisture of the futon.

    Thanks to a years-long collaboration with a research laboratory, we have used our know how to develop a futon that can retain the right amount of moisture based on the temperature in the room. Feathers are able to control temperature in a way that artificial materials cannot yet recreate, to let you sleep with the perfect warmth and moisture.

  • Giving you the safest possible product, because it is something you sleep in.

    The feathers used are only those of the best quality that underwent CIL’s strict control. With the Aller-G plus technology, it automatically destroys pollens and mites and their excrements, creating a better environment for you to sleep in. Awarded the SEK antibacterial/anti-smell mark from the Fiber Technology Evaluation Institute.

03.AirAir environment

Clean air in your room all day long

The air is kept clean from all kinds of particles thanks to the ceiling mounted fan using “Health Air® technology”. Health Air® technology removes up to 88% of pollen, cleans up bad smells, reduces PM2.5 and airborne bacteria, and in smoking rooms it helps the tobacco’s smell escape directly outside of the building.

→ Here are the rooms including it  GRAN A / GRAN B / GRAN C

04.CleaningLG Styler

Take care of clothing in your room

The first time in a Hokuriku hotel that this closet-type clothing care machine is introduced. It can remove wrinkles and bad smells by just inserting clothes into it. The next morning your clothes will feel like new.

→ Here are the rooms including it  GRAN B / GRAN D / GRAN E

“LG styler”’s five characteristics
  • It removes bad smells from suits and coats
  • Thanks to the steamer and the hanger rack that can vibrate up to 180 times per minute, it removes wrinkles
  • Thanks to the steam, it removes ticks, dust, and pollen from clothes without the need for cleaning agents
  • (By using the high quality drying course) it can dry clothes wet with rain or snow without hurting the fabric, at low temperature
  • With the trouser line function, your trousers will get a perfect center press line

05.Bathingview bath

A luxurious bath time

The special Gran Executive room on the 8th floor has a special “view bathroom” with a music sound system and a picture window to enjoy the spectacular view of the Hakusan mountain range. It is an incredibly prestigious, lavish experience.